Philip George and Sons Ltd.

Planning, building and improving electrical infrastructure, command and control systems

Excellent customer service is our leading value

Philip George is known for its’ high-quality planning and implementation. Our customer focus is evident from the definition stages through to the planning and on to implementation.

About us

Philip George & Sons Ltd. is a family-based company founded in 1957 by Mr. Philip George. As a contractor for electrical works, over the years Mr. Philip’s sons and grandsons joined the company.

For over 60 years, the company has been providing engineering, construction, and maintenance services in the various fields of electricity and control systems including the construction of large and energy-intensive electrical installations to advanced automation and control systems.

Over the years the company completed thousands of successful projects and gained experience in a wide variety of fields and industries. This is reflected in the design and implementation of electrical, automation and control systems that are at the forefront of global technology.

Years of experience

Among our clients are local and global companies from various industries including manufacturing, medicine, food and beverage, water treatment, and more.


Establishment and maintenance of electrical infrastructure

Philip George has established dozens of large electrical installations for industrial plants, the most prominent of which are the IMC (Iscar) Group plants located in Israel.

The company offers complete electricity projects that include all stages of engineering and implementation, all in line with the customer’s requirements.

Systems and machines upgrading and improvement

Over the years of the company operations, hundreds of improvements of integrated machines and systems were made.
Improvements included the renewal and replacement of electrical systems; control, pneumatics, and hydraulics. In addition, many improvements that raised the level of automation and safety in the systems were introduced using the most advanced technologies and standards. As part of the upgrades, the machines were integrated with robots and other advanced systems.

The company is exporting many of its’ systems and machines. The company has extensive knowledge and experience in the characterization and installation of safety systems for machines and integrated systems.

Installation of complex and advanced systems

A large number of the most advanced facilities and machines have been successfully installed and operated, both in terms of complexity and technological level. Systems were installed in breweries, explosion-proof facilities, the paint manufacturing industry, coating systems, special ovens, advanced filters, and more

Design and implementation of control and automation

We specialize in the design, manufacturing, and operation of advanced small and medium-scale control systems, from the customer's concept stage to field implementation.

The process includes meticulous characterization, control panel production, testing, laboratory testing, on-site installation and full operation. The systems include classical control interacting a wide range of systems using various protocols; interface to cloud systems; report production; data collection and more.
Some of our systems are manufactured in series in the company workshops and are installed on-site by our customers in Israel and globally. Our systems have been serving our customers for decades.

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